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My Latest Comments

Comments for Thursday, February 1, 2024, thru Thurs., Feb. 29, 2024:

February 19, 2024 - I've mentioned many times before that I spend a lot of time almost every day listening to podcasts.  I've got 68 favorite podcasts.  I used to have a list of them on this site, but late last year there was a software change and I could no longer have multiple files on this web site.  I can only have the edlake.com file you are reading now.  All links must go to some other web site.  Even the pictures have to be stored on other web sites.

Every morning I go through a list of my 68 favorite podcasts and download any new episodes that seem worthwhile.  I download them into a 1-terrabyte portable hard-drive.  Then, about once a week, I copy all the newest episodes from that hard-drive into my MP3 player.

It's because of that procedure that I haven't yet listened to the Big Picture Science episode from February 12 titled "Alien Says What?"  I'm going to end this comment right here and listen to that episode.  Here's the episode description:
Whales are aliens on Earth; intelligent beings who have skills for complex problem-solving and their own language. Now in what’s being called a breakthrough, scientists have carried on an extended conversation with a humpback whale. They share the story of this remarkable encounter, their evidence that the creature understood them, and how the experiment informs our Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. After all, what good is it to make contact with ET if we can’t communicate?
That seems very interesting.  

February 18, 2024
- While driving around doing errands yesterday, I finished listening to CD #22 in the 22-CD audio book version of "The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top-Secret Military Research Agency."

Pentagon's Brain

It's one of the last audio books I "borrowed" from my local library before they changed things so that you could no longer download a copy, you have to listen to the library's copy as they play it.  It's an absolutely fascinating story of the Defense Department's most secret, most powerful, and most controversial military science Research & Development agency.  It's been around since 1958.

Meanwhile, while eating lunch yesterday, I finished reading another book on my Kindle.  The book was "Robin Williams Biography":

Robin Williams Biography 

In paperback it is only 96 pages long, and in audio book form it can be easily listened to in a day.  Williams was a stand-up comedian who made it in the movies, TV and on stage.  He was "different," and there's never been anyone else like him.

February 17, 2024 - It looks like Donald Trump's crooked business dealings have finally caught up with him.  Yesterday, Trump was ordered to pay $354,868,768 in fines for fraudulently misrepresenting his assets in order to get more favorable loans and interest rates over the course of years.  In another trial, Trump was ordered to pay 83.3 million dollars to writer E Jean Carroll for defaming her.  Trump was also barred from doing business in New York for 3 years.

It will be interesting to see how Trump will try to delay things by appeals and various court shenanigans.  That's what he has been doing for decades.  But, it definitely seems like he's running out of games he can play to get things delayed over and over and over.

February 14, 2024
- This morning I once again sat around for nearly an hour trying to think of something to write a comment about.  Finally, I just gave up and wrote this brief comment saying I gave up.

February 11, 2024
- I sat around for nearly an hour this morning, trying to think of something to write a comment about other than the latest antics of Donald Trump.  When I couldn't think of anything, I tried Google, looking for "Trump News Today."  That produced some news that seems certainly worth mentioning.  The headline is "Trump says he would encourage Russia to ‘do whatever the hell they want’ to any NATO country that doesn’t pay enough."  What the ....?

Isn't that like saying he would encourage robbers to rob the houses of people who don't pay any taxes?

Should we be encouraging thieves and robbers ... and dictators who might get some pleasure from attacking other countries?

There seems no end to the total lunacy behind Trump's beliefs and politics.

February 8, 2024
- The Supreme Court is considering whether Trump can be removed from the Colorado state primary ballot because he "engaged in an insurrection to try to cling to power, after he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden."  The quote is from an NPR article that appeared today.  Here's more:

The plaintiffs in the case argue that Trump's actions in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election automatically disqualify him from office. Trump's lawyers counter that the case against him is one of overreach. Legal scholars say the court's failure to act in time would "place the nation in great peril."
A decision is expected in March.

February 4, 2024
- The late night talk show hosts have been talking a lot lately about an emerging conflict between Donald Trump and Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

It appears that singer Taylor Swift might endorse Joe Biden in the  2024 Presidential race.  If so, it will definitely drive the MAGA crowd nuts.  "The Hill" had this headline:

Trump risks backlash as MAGA
world zeroes in on Taylor Swift

The article begins with this:
Former President Trump’s supporters are going after Taylor Swift amid chatter about whether the superstar could wade into the 2024 election with a coveted endorsement for President Biden.

Conservatives in both traditional media and social media have been launching conspiracy theories against the pop superstar, something that ramped up after The New York Times reported that the Biden campaign was actively hoping for her endorsement.
Here's a TV news segment about it:


It appears that Taylor Swift hasn't said anything about Trump, but Trump's supporters are hysterically afraid that she might, and they're making threats about what they might do if Swift endorses Biden.  According to Rolling Stone magazine:

Trump Allies Pledge ‘Holy War’ Against Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift hasn’t even endorsed Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign, but Trump is already privately grousing he’s “more popular” than her
It makes me wonder how many of Trump's supporters might find this line of reasoning so insanely stupid that even they cannot support it.

February 1, 2024 - This morning I finished reading another book on my Kindle.  The book was "A City on Mars: Can we settle space, should we settle space, and have we really thought this through?" by Kelly Weinersmith and Zach Weinersmith

A city on Mars

It was an extremely interesting book, since it questions the practicality of creating long-term colonies anywhere in space, i.e., on Mars, on the Moon, in orbit, or on a ship en route to another star. 

The Moon and Mars have far less gravity than Earth, which will produce ill effects if a human lives in such place for a long time.  There will be ill effects on children born into such environments, too.  The properties of Lunar and Martian soil are also dangerous to humans.  Then there is the issue of reproduction. 
Due to the astronomical distances, it will take hundreds of years for a group of people to emigrate to a planet around some nearby star. That means you need to start with a group of more than 4,000 people if you want to avoid birth defects due to in-breeding. 

If everyone on a space ship is in some frozen state, there will be no one to make decisions if something goes wrong.  And you'll need a gigantic ship to transport 4,000 people.  The point to the book is that it is probably not practical to plan the colonization of some distant planet, so we need to take better care of the planet on which we currently live.

Comments for Mon., January 1, 2024, thru Wed., Jan. 31, 2024:

January 28, 2024 - A couple days ago, I finished reading another book on my Kindle.  The book was "Wild and Crazy Guys: How the Comedy Mavericks of the '80s Changed Hollywood Forever."

Wild and Crazy Guys

It's a very interesting, behind the scenes look at the lives of stand-up comics from Saturday Night Live and how they deal with each other.  It opens in 1978 with Chevy Chase and Bill Murray taking bad-tempered swings at each other backstage at Saturday Night Live, and closes 21 years later with the two doing a skit in the same venue, poking fun at each other, their illustrious careers, triumphs and prat falls.  It also tells of the lives of Steve Martin, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, John Candy, and many others.

It was a very interesting and enjoyable read.

January 24, 2024
- I'm wondering how many "Anyone But Trump" voters are out there.  They tend to not vote in primary elections, since they do not care who gets elected, just as long as it isn't Donald Trump

According to an article in yesterday's Politico:

Donald Trump has a problem no matter what happens in New Hampshire on Tuesday night: There’s a whole swath of the Republican electorate and a good chunk of independents who appear firmly committed to not voting for him in November if he becomes the nominee.

It’s an issue that became starkly apparent in polling ahead of the Iowa caucuses, when an NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll of voters in that state found that fully 43 percent of Nikki Haley supporters said they would back President Joe Biden over Trump.
It seems to suggest that there's no need to worry that Trump might get elected.  But I'm still going to worry.

January 21, 2024
- I'm still finding it difficult to find things to write about on this web site.  I often want to write something about Donald Trump, but it would just be repeating what I saw on one of the late nite talk shows.  Nearly every show mentioned Trumps recent gaffe when he talked about how magnets don't work if you pour water on them.  That's a classic gaffe: laughing at people who are right, when you are the one who is wrong. 

I could probably find a Trump gaffe to write about every day.  But that's not why I created this web site back on January of 2015.  I created it to write about things I was working on: books and science papers.  I'm no longer working on any science papers.  And the book I was writing about Logical Relativity is in need of another re-write.  But I can't muster the ambition to do that.  I sometimes think the reason I also can't muster the will power to write comments for this site is because all I can think about is how Donald Trump is trying to destroy America by turning it into his own personal dictatorship.  And millions of his fans are cheering him on.  It's difficult to think of anything else when that is happening.

January 18, 2024
- I've confirmed that it was a hacker who deleted all my history files from this web site, leaving only the main page.  Probably coincidentally, it happened at a time when I was pondering the idea of writing fewer comments.  I've grown to dread the idea of sitting in front of my computer for hour after hour nearly every day trying to think of something to write about.

Putting this web site back together and restoring all the history files would be a major project.  I doubt that I can muster the ambition to do it.  In fact, I can't muster the ambition to even write more in this comment.  So, I guess I'm done for today.

January 17, 2024
- Okay.  I've determined that some hacker changed my web site.  I've now regained full control, I think.  So, now I'm going to have to figure out the best way to get things back in working order - which includes restoring all my history files.

January 16, 2024
- Hmm.  The weather has been below zero a lot lately, and for some reason that has caused me to repeatedly lose my Internet connections.  It came back a moment ago, so I suppose I should write a quick comment.

I made a New Year's resolution that I would only write a comment when I had something I wanted to comment about.   These days, the only thing I want to comment about is Donald Trump.  But, I don't have anything new to say.  I'm still amazed that there are people who support Trump.  To me, Donald Trump is an Adolph-Hitler wannabe.  It's weird to listen to his supporters argue that they don't like politicians, and that is why they like Trump.  He's not a politician.  What is he?  I wish they'd just say he's a wannabe dictator, and they want a dictator in charge of America, but they just say he's not a politician.  To them, Politicians
are stupid people who just argue with each other endlessly without ever getting anything done.  And Politicians are also the people who are trying to get Trump locked up in prison. 

I can see what is going on, and I think I understand it.  The problem is: I don't know what can be done about it - other than soundly defeating him when he runs for President.  But that solution cannot be performed until election day, in November.  Groan! 

January 12, 2024
- This morning, there's an interesting article on Politico about Donald Trump's legal shenanigans.  It begins with this:
In the months after the 2020 election, Donald Trump leaned on his campaign to launch ad blitzes and legal challenges to the results, insisting to his supporters that the election was “ a long way from over.” He even told state and federal courts he was suing in his capacity as a political candidate.

Now, in a bid to derail criminal charges, he’s saying the opposite. At least six times in the past two weeks, Trump has declared that the election was “ long over” by the time he began pushing state officials and then-Vice President Mike Pence to overturn his defeat.
While watching Trump's legal arguments can be interesting at times, I wish I could be more certain if Trump is going to spend the next few years in jail or in the White House.  The suspense is killing me.

January 7, 2024
- Looks like my next housecleaning chore is to get rid of about 200 audio cassettes.  I no longer have any way to play them, so I've switched to listening to my collection of about 150 music CDs.  Stores still sell CD players, so CDs should continue to be around for some time.

I only listen to music CDs while working on my computer.  And writing about them was the only topic could think of for today's comment.  I keep waiting for some interesting Trump news, but there's nothing but delays and postponements.  And that's all I have for a comment for today.

January 4, 2024
- This morning, someone reminded me about "The Wayback Machine."  It's a web site where copies of other web sites are captured and stored.  A copy of ed-lake.com from September 14, 2015 can be found HERE.  And there are 79 other copies taken at different times.  So, if you (or I) really want to find an on-line copy of some comment I made years ago, it can probably be found.  Most of the links work, too, but the links go to copies stored on The Wayback Machine, not to  the originals.  And doing a Google search won't find anything on The Wayback Machine.  But once you access a page via The Wayback Machine, you can search for words or phrases in that page.

January 3, 2024
- I'm not certain why all my history files were deleted about a week ago, but it appears that my web site host now only allows one file on this web site, the file ed-lake.com, which is the file you are looking at.  I can make all the changes and additions I want, but I cannot create separate files for older comments from past months and years.  Even the pictures have to be stored on some other web site.

Of course, that means I cannot do a Google search for comments I've made here about Donald Trump or about some book I read back in 2015.  If my comment is not on this page, it no longer exists on the Internet.  As of this moment, available comments only go back to December 1, 2023.  There are no archive files.

The plan, right now, is to just retain comments for the current and previous month.  And I'm no longer going to sit in front of my computer for hour after hour trying to think of something to write about.  From now on, I'll only write a comment when I have something to write about.

I don't know how many people read this web site, but I hope these new rules won't cause any problems.

January 1, 2024
- I wish everyone a very happy New Year!

Copies of this web site going back to September 2015 can be found at the link below:         

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